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Indoor Fires


No matter what kind of fire you are lighting this Winter, Zip™ has just the firelighting product to help you light it quickly and with little fuss, even if your fuel is damp or hard to light!

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There really is nothing quite like the crackle, flicker and smell of an open fire to warm the heart on a cold day.

An open fire is the most traditional method of heating a house. Many of our old houses have old fireplaces in the living rooms but more recently we have seen a change in heating styles with many home owners putting open fires back into their houses for both ambience and heat.

There really is nothing quite like the crackle and warmth of a real cosy wood or coal fire. Depending on whether you are burning coal or wood, a couple of  powerful Zip™ firelighters are all that you need to get any fire going… even if your fuel is damp. Your fire will be zipping along in no time.

From traditional firemakers through to novice firemakers, Zip™ will help you easily and conveniently light your fire first time every time. See our video on how to light a coal fire using just Zip firelighters.

The Zip firelighter products that are ideal and easy to use in an open fire are:

Indoor Open Fires
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The new, must have, heating mode for country houses and urban abodes.

The closed nature of the stove enables the fuel to burn slowly and the metal box emits a lovely ambient warm heat. As the stoves have doors and glass fronts, it is great to be able to see the flames as well as protecting the home from open flames.

When compared to an open fire, a wood burning or multifuel stoves require a slightly different way of lighting. Simply light the fire as you would  an open fire but remember to leave the door open for a couple of minutes to allow enough air into the chamber before closing and letting the fire burn away.

Zip™ firelighters are all that you need to light your woodburning stove – no need for paper or kindling. We love our wood burning stoves so much that we have developed the first specific stove firelog to make lighting your appliance simple and easy. A firelighter and fuel all in one!

The Zip firelighter products that are ideal and easy to use in a wood burning or multifuel stove are:

Indoor Fire Multi Fuel Stoves
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The heart of a kitchen – solid fuel stoves have good looks, bake great cakes and are perfect for drying clothes!

For most, a solid fuel stove will take pride of place in any kitchen both in the city and in the countryside. In remote locations, solid fuel stove is sometimes the only real fuel source available to both heat and cook with.

Most owners swear by their solid fuel stove for cooking the perfect meringue, through to heating the dishes of a perfect Sunday roast. Additionally there are other great benefits such as an eternally warm and cosy kitchen, not to mention the ease of drying clothes on a cold wet day!

However, sometimes these solid fuel stoves can be a challenge to light. The flue needs to be warmed to enable the updraft to enable the warm air flow through the stove.  With Zip ™ firelighters, lighting a solid fuel stove is so easy, even if your fuel is damp or you are using hard Anthracite coal.

If you are either a traditional or new solid fuel stove owner, Zip™ have just the right firelighting products to make this task quick and easy, each and every time.

The Zip firelighter products that are ideal and easy to use in a solid fuel stove are:

Indoor Fire Range Cookers
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