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Wood Burning Stoves

Top tips for getting warm and toastie

Tips and Tricks for getting the best out of your wood burning stove

Don’t burn water

Fresh, green logs are actually 50% water and therefore will not burn well. If you do burn green logs your fire will splutter producing a lot of unwanted smoke! To avoid this, make sure you use fully dried out logs firewood- If you are drying your own logs please remember this will take time- approximately 1 whole Summer! (If you don’t have this time to spare- never fear there are lots of great wood suppliers around with perfect logs to purchase).

Keep it clean so it can keep you warm

It’s really important to keep your stove clean – Ideally you should remove soot from the stove and flue pipe once a year. Even a few millimeters of soot can really affect heat conduction.

Close the door

Don’t leave the stove door open, unless you have been specifically instructed to by the manufacturer when lighting the fire. You are reducing the stoves efficiency and allowing all of the warm air to escape straight up the chimney.

Don’t just use one log

Make sure you use 2 or 3 logs at one time. One log will most likely just die out, the reason for this is because the burning of the log happens in three stages and a single log is not able to keep its own process going. More logs keep the burning process going!


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