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Freddie’s Indoor Safety Tips

Top tips for getting warm and toastie

Freddie's Indoor Safety Tips

  1. When lighting your fire, place your firelighter on a bed of cinders or amongst the coal in your BBQ.
  2. Be sure to use long safety matches, striking the match away from you before carefully lighting your fire.
  3. To avoid a hazardous situation, avoid using firelighters on a warm/hot grate and do not light firelighters in your hand.
  4. Prevent a chimney fire by ensuring your chimney is regularly swept. We recommend your chimney is professionally cleaned twice a year. At the beginning of the winter season and at the end.
  5. It is always best to store firelighters well away from your fire, preferably in a separate room or shed to prevent any unwanted accidents.
  6. Once your fire is lit, make sure you use a fireguard or fire screen. Be aware that sparks can sometimes penetrate fireguards, therefore do not leave your fire to burn unattended, especially when children and pets are nearby. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  7. Do not use firelighters on a warm grate.
  8. Do not light firelighters in your hand.

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